Our philosophy

Our mission is to make bigger and bigger the Atlético family around the world, spreading the Atlético word, based on the core values, the eternal love for this sport, the respect for other teams and the promotion of fair play. If you have no reason to belong to the Peña Atlética San Diego de Torrejón de Ardoz (PASaDA), ask yourself what you lose by being a PASaDA member. Well, you do not quite lose anything because the membership is completely free!

To become a member of the PASaDA you only have to meet the following simple requirements:

  1. You can support any soccer/football team in the world, with the sole condition that when your team does not play against Atlético de Madrid root for Atleti. Even if you have no team or simply you do not like soccer/football, you are more than welcome on la PASaDA, you can always take any opportunity to talk about the la PASaDA in any “boring” conversation about soccer/football.
  2. Even if your team is not Atlético you must accept that at some point in your life you could ask yourself the following question: And what if I became an Atlético fan?
  3. As a PASaDA member you plan, but it is not compulsory, to proselytize for our PASaDA, to recruit new members and as a result increase our beautiful and particular Atlético family in the world.
  4. To become a member of the PASaDA you can live anywhere in the world, without discrimination of sex, race, age, sexual orientation or faith or lack thereof. We have even opened a section in the PASaDA to register pets, talismans or even aliens.

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